RUBIX 5000/10000 TC: When Functionality Meets Playfulness


May 20th, 2024. ZOFO, a trailblazer in the world of vaping, proudly unveils its latest innovation: RUBIX 5000/10000 TC. Designed to deliver amusement to users, this groundbreaking reusable disposable vape represents the epitome of ZOFO's ingenuity and visionary approach. With its cutting-edge technology and captivating allure, the RUBIX series promises an extraordinary vaping experience like no other.

RUBIX pod kit

Fun Flip, the two-sided connection

RUBIX is designed with Fun Flip, the innovative two-sided connection structure. It is now available to revolutionize the way you mix and match and explore your limitless creativity. With RUBIX, you are encouraged to define and shape your own unique style, unlocking endless possibilities for innovation and self-expression.

Designed to seamlessly connect and engage, RUBIX empowers brands and users to unleash their imagination like never before. Whether you're an artist, designer, or simply a creative enthusiast, it offers a dynamic playground for exploring new combinations and pushing boundaries.

Dual liquid capacity, more possibilities

 The revolutionary dual e-juice capacities (5 mL & 10 mL) provide vapers with even more choices and flexibility. With RUBIX, users can now select between two options when purchasing the RUBIX pre-filled pod system, ensuring an exceptional vaping experience tailored to their preferences.

For flavor enthusiasts seeking a fast-paced journey, the 5000-puff version offers a perfect balance between intense flavors and convenience. On the other hand, for those who prioritize consistency and longer-lasting performance, the 10000-puff version delivers a seamless vaping experience throughout the day.

OMNI powers a customized and interactive experience

RUBIX 5000/10000 TC twists the vaping landscape by harnessing the cutting-edge OMNI platform. It introduces NFC technology to vaping devices, by simply tapping your RUBIX on a smartphone equipped with the OMNI app, a digital vaping realm unfolds before your eyes. This feature enables precise monitoring of oil and battery levels and perfectly serves on-the-go use. The temperature curve adjustment function allows for personalized fine-tuning, ensuring a tailored vaping experience for diverse vaping styles. Moreover, the device offers additional features such as flavor recommendations, customizable product nicknames, and detailed usage history logs, all designed to enhance the overall vaping experience.

About ZOFO Vape

ZOFO is a disposable vape brand, but it is more than disposable vapes. We love the convenience of disposable vapes and give them a retaining battery in an eco-friendly manner. We enjoy the easiness of disposable vapes and integrate high-tech to pour more fun into them. Join us, to shape a greener tomorrow together. For more information, check out: RUBIX 5000/10000 TC

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