SIMBA 6000 TC: The Tone Setter of Reusable Disposable Vapes


CALIFORNIA, April 29th, 2024. ZOFO Vape has officially announced the launch of the SIMBA 6000 TC. As a pioneer in innovative technology, ZOFO is dedicated to providing vapes with accessible high-tech, user-friendly mechanisms in a responsible manner. SIMBA embodies the advanced concepts and values of ZOFO, setting the tone for its category: reusable disposable vapes. It is certainly worth the wait and is now finally ready to make its debut.

Eco-friendly structure, reusable battery.

Taking the issue of battery pollution seriously, SIMBA showcases ZOFO's commitment to addressing this concern. The implementation of a detachable and reusable battery in the SIMBA 6000 TC offers an efficient solution. With the same excellent performance as disposable vapes, vapers can now use the battery multiple times, thereby avoiding pollution caused by improper disposal and reducing the carbon footprint by 70%. Environmental friendliness has been the foundation of ZOFO from the very beginning. By becoming a part of the ZOFO user community, you will also contribute to the well-being of our planet.

OMNI powers a fully customized experience as you expected

Utilizing the innovative OMNI platform, SIMBA 6000 TC takes vaping to a new level. OMNI represents a true breakthrough in the vape industry by introducing NFC technology into vapes. Simply tapping your SIMBA on a smartphone with the OMNI app installed, a digital vaping world opens up before you. This feature allows for accurate monitoring of oil and battery levels, eliminating concerns about on-the-go use. The temperature curve adjustment feature enables personalized fine-tuning of your vaping experience. Whether you're a flavor enthusiast or a cloud chaser, there's a setting that perfectly caters to your preferences. Furthermore, other functions like flavor recommendations, customizable product nicknames, and detailed history records are available to enhance your overall vaping experience.

Unique mesh-coil technology for ultimately smooth & restored flavor

Supported by the latest ZOFO mesh-coil technology, SIMBA 6000 TC offers a smooth vapor experience, consistent flavor delivery, and powerful flavor restoration. The mesh coil in SIMBA 6000 TC is specifically designed to ensure effective heat distribution. Each block in the coil layout seamlessly integrates, providing a 27% faster response rate compared to the average. By precisely controlling the spacing of the mesh, all heat is directed precisely where it needs to be, resulting in the full and perfect interpretation of e-juice flavors. According to research, flavor satisfaction is enhanced by 42% compared to traditional disposable vapes. If you prioritize flavor performance, SIMBA 6000 TC should be your top choice.

 About ZOFO Vape

ZOFO is a disposable vape brand, but it is more than disposable vapes. We love the convenience of disposable vapes and give them a retaining battery in an eco-friendly manner. We enjoy the easiness of disposable vapes and integrate high-tech to pour more fun into them. Join us, to shape a greener tomorrow together. For more information, check out:SIMBA vape pod 

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