TETRO 600 TC: A Smart & Ingenious Fashion Piece


May 24th, 2024: ZOFO's groundbreaking new product is poised to revolutionize everyday living. Get ready to transcend the ordinary, as this innovation seamlessly delivers sensory-pleasing sessions with a soothing vapor, evoking the sensation of a gentle breeze. Showcasing ZOFO's unwavering commitment to ingenious design, this exceptional offering redefines comfort and interactivity in smart technology. With TETRO 600 TC, there is a chance to take a breath from the overwhelming moments.

A leaf-like look inspired by nature

The artistic design of TETRO 600 TC draws inspiration from the swaying leaves on trees. We appreciate the beauty of nature and aim to bring it to our users. With a dedicated focus on design, we have created a stylish and sustainable piece. Whether you enjoy it in privacy or take it on the go, it fits perfectly into various scenarios. Utilizing degradable materials and reusable batteries that reduce carbon footprint by 70%, TETRO 600 TC is a way to be a responsible vaper.

OMNI powers a customized and interactive experience

TETRO 600 TC revolutionizes the industry with its advanced OMNI platform. By incorporating NFC technology, it introduces a whole new dimension. With a simple tap of your TETRO 600 TC on a smartphone with the OMNI app, a digital utopia unfolds. This high-tech feature enables precise monitoring of oil and battery levels, making it perfect for on-the-go usage. The temperature curve adjustment function allows for personalized fine-tuning, ensuring a customized vaping experience that caters to various vaping styles. Additionally, the device offers a range of extra features including flavor recommendations, customizable product nicknames, and detailed usage history logs. All careful designs are to elevate the overall vaping experience.


Great feeling more than beauty

ZOFO always prioritizes the user experience above all else. In addition to the stylish appearance and advanced functionalities of our product, we also place great emphasis on ergonomic design. The streamlined pre-filled pod features a flat and smooth mouthpiece, allowing for effortless and comfortable draws. The sleek and portable shape ensures that TETRO 600 TC is easy to grip and fits comfortably in pocket

About ZOFO Vape

ZOFO is a disposable vape brand, but it is more than disposable vapes. We love the convenience of disposable vapes and give them a retaining battery in an eco-friendly manner. We enjoy the easiness of disposable vapes and integrate high-tech to pour more fun into them. Join us, to shape a greener tomorrow together. For more information, check out: TETRO vape pod kits

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